As a mother of two very young children, Khanh Hoang thought her dream of becoming a nurse would be impossible. Then she won a scholarship to finish her degree at Warner Pacific University – and suddenly she can imagine a future full of possibilities.

“When I received this scholarship, I cried because I knew that I needed financial support to help me pay for my school and at the same time, help me take care of my family,” she said. “Your gift has motivated and encouraged me to overcome obstacles in life to better concentrate on my studying.”

Khanh’s dream is to work with children in poverty, especially in parts of the world where healthcare is inaccessible. She is especially touched by those who are affected or injured in war. Thanks to a gift to attend Warner Pacific, she is now able to think beyond her own family and envision using her degree to help the world.

“This gift of education means more than enhancing our knowledge – it means becoming a better version of who we are from yesterday. Through my WP degree, I will be ready to build a greater society – one that is full of love, kindness, sharing, support and empathy,” said Khanh.

“From the bottom of my heart, I want to express my appreciate for the wonderful support you have given me.”

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